All the Tools for Efficient Print & Digital Ad Sales

AdWorks is the ultimate advertising management system designed for daily and weekly publications. It provides all of the tools necessary for efficient print and digital ad sales, accounts receivables, powerful live reporting, messaging and pagination integration – all in one complete system. Discover why AdWorks is the advertising manager of choice for publications worldwide.

A complete advertising management platform engineered for growth

One complete ad system

Print and digital advertising, A/R, messaging, live reporting and more.

Mac OSX and Windows

A full featured cross-platform ad management system

Industry proven with thousands of users

Fast installation by our experienced and specialized engineers

Save money and maximize revenues

Consolidate your newspapers to save money and maximize revenue.

Pagination Integration

Adobe Indesign, Quark, Adforce, ALS, Classforce, CLS, AdforceX


Easy to use, Easy to learn, Easy to teach.

All in one place

Create, schedule, manage and bill display ads, classified display ads, classified liners, digital ads, fliers etc. from within the same system. AdWorks boasts the most innovative WYSIWYG ad creator available designed for high-volume ad creation environments; with powerful tools that boost efficiency. AdWorks is also designed to create the most elaborate display ads or accept inputted ads from external programs like InDesign and QuarkXPress

Flexible scheduling

Schedule ads using multiple methods: First, AdWorks features a color-coded calendar allowing you to schedule ads by simply clicking calendar dates, exceptional for non consecutive runs. Secondly, let AdWorks do all the work – select your predefined combo buys and AdWorks will schedule your ads with various runs and editions. Lastly, traditional methods are also available by entering the number of ad runs, and entering start and stop dates.

Save money & maximize revenue

AdWorks is designed to leverage your group strengths by sharing resources, and reducing costs by linking multiple ad databases together across your newspaper group. This enables cross-selling and group reporting. AdWorks is built to handle hundreds of remote ad reps, newspaper branches and office connections.

Customer & ad locator

The powerful ad locator allows you to locate any ad and retrieve all customer and ad information in seconds. Instantly locate ads based on ad text, date, edition, recent ads within specified days, ads on hold, ad type, customer type, classification, section, size, market, product, rate code, salesperson, zone and more.

Powerful live reporting

AdWorks has a live powerful built-in reporting system with numerous reports that allows you to set criteria and save them for quick retrieval. Setting predefined reports eliminates the need to re-enter report criteria and allows for consistent reports. Generate reports with extreme speeds from aging reports to past-due letters to period comparisons. Quickly print reports to screen, export reports to a file or let AdWorks PDF and email them for fast delivery.

Built for speed

AdWorks utilizes SQL as a standard database backend, recognized for its high performance, scalability, flexibility, high availability and strong data protection. AdWorks ensures your workflow flows seamlessly with tremendous speeds from ad taking to report generation.


Easily Customize

AdWorks handles all of your publications, groupings, zones, sections, and any issue schedule – irregular, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. You can define everything: from customer and ad types, to open rates, categories, and salespeople. AdWorks supports your rate schemes, contract arrangements, discounts, and extra charges by fixed amount or percentages. You can define ad types for taxes, dummying, or billing purposes. Multiple levels of system security lets you decide who can take ads, adjust pricing, produce invoices, apply payments, age discounts, or access financial reports and much more.

See what new can do.

AdWorks is always getting better, with new features rolling out regularly. And with your AdWorks membership, you get them as soon as we release them. Here are some of the latest updates.

Email Templates

Quickly create various types of email templates for specific customers or the overall system. AdWorks will automatically pick the correct one.

Inventory Items

Create manual invoices on the fly using inventory items.

Revenue Report

The new revenue report allows you to quickly see a consolidated report for each of your publications.

Secure Passwords

AdWorks takes security seriously and encrypts passwords one way utilizing bank level SHA256/salt encryption. 

User Preferences

Individual users can update/change passwords and preferences.

Reprint Payment Receipts

From the main ad taking window – quickly print off payment receipts.

64-bit app support

AdWorks is built as a 64 bit app. Take advantage of increased speed and performance on the new architecture.

crm mysql powered

MySQL 8 - up to 2x faster

AdWorks utilizes MySQL 8, which is up to 2x faster than the previous version.

Quickly find your custom saved reports

A quick find was added so you can find your many saved reports.

Design it. Save it. Reuse it.

Create beautifully crafted templates for all your classified and classified display ads. Set them as global or unique to each customer.

Everyone can create elaborate ads with ease.

Accounting At Your Fingertips

Easily track all sales and incoming payments from customers in real time. Create invoices, statements, various payment options, credits, debits, and accurate reporting and period comparisons. The AdWorks ad manager lets you manage payments received and applied day to day, and provides a wealth of reports for reconciliation, and more powerful features tailored to newspapers than leading A/R systems. AdWorks also gives you the ability to maintain accounts from external billing systems.


Seamless Security

No-hassle security & compliance

Meet PCI-DSS requirements for your payments just by using Payments by AdWorks. Smart & Simple.

No sensitive data hits your servers = No security headaches.

Accept USD or CAD – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

User Security

Quickly assign users to various security levels, giving you complete control who’s able to access accounting data, reports, rate overrides and much more.

Certified PCI level 1

When using Payments by AdWorks, your customer credit cards are stored in a certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

Secure Emails

Supports email based authentication and SSL / TLS secure communication. Ideal for securely sending invoices and statements to your advertisers


AdWorks forces HTTPS for all services via its API’s to other products.

Generate Legal Affidavits

Generate all your legal affidavits directly from AdWorks. With millions of affidavits created, we have you covered.

The perfect duo!

AdWorks ad manager is integrated with AdForceX to create the perfect production workflow.  

AdForceX is the ultimate cost-effective, easy to use ad dummying / layout and issue management software for newspapers and magazines. Find out more about AdForceX here.


Plays well with others

AdWorks was built from the ground up to work with many leading software packages.

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