About Us

We are a technology company that builds software for the media industry. Media companies of every size – from new startups to large groups –  use our software to power the sales, ad and production departments.

AdWorks App is a product of News-Net Inc. Visit our corporate website at https://newsnet.ca

Our story

We are a dynamic company that provides more than 1500 media companies with mission-critical applications. Our solutions scale across dailies, tri-weeklies, weeklies, as well as advertising agencies, graphic houses and magazines.

Our first Classified Ad Management Software (CAMS) pioneered the way newspapers managed their publications. CAMS was used daily by thousands of users across North America.

AdWorks is the next generation mission-critical advertising system that delivers the latest technologies and innovation, continuously adapting to the rapidly changing newspaper industry.

Our knowledge and experience in advertising systems spearheads the competition, allowing us to provide the most advanced and scalable solutions available.

Our solutions are proudly made in Canada, USA and England.

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